We understand how devastating family breakdown for grandparents and grandchildren can be. Sadly grandparents do not have automatic rights to see their grandchildren when a relationship ends but we can assist grandparents resolve disputes about seeing their grandchildren. Mediation can help both sides reach an agreement but where that is not possible, we can provide advice about your options. The Courts recognise the importance of this relationship and the invaluable role that grandparents play.

We can assist grandparents with applying to the Court for permission to apply for a Child Arrangements Order so they can spend time with their grandchildren

If one or both of the parents object to the application it will be essential that you receive sound legal advice to guide you through this process to persuade the court that you have a meaningful and on-going relationship with your grandchildren, which benefits their lives.

The court will always consider all the child’s circumstances and must only make an order where they consider it better for the child to see their grandparents rather than making no order at all. They may weigh up whether your continuing contact with the child might have a negative impact on the rest of the family relationships, although it is only in extreme circumstances that a Court will refuse access to grandchildren.